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Unlock Your Dream Home
or Win $1.1 Million*

Support Boys & Girls Clubs
of Metro Denver

Unlock Your Dream Home
or Win $1.1 Million*

Support Boys & Girls Clubs
of Metro Denver

Over 4,250 Fantastic
Prizes Available

Including Vacations, Vehicles,
Cash, and More!

Every Ticket Sold Helps
Metro Denver Kids

Your Raffle Participation Impact Since 2009:
Over $26M for Kids.

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The Dream House Raffle is Back and Better Than Ever!

This year we're guaranteeing our Grand Prize winner a $1.1 Million Grand Prize Option*, no matter what!

We're also upping our game by introducing two homes as additional Grand Prize options — one at the 40,000 main ticket threshold and another at the 70,000 main ticket threshold. The more tickets are sold, the closer we get to unlocking all three Grand Prize options!

$1.1M guaranteed | 4,250 prizes available | 1 in 20 odds you win

All house images are renderings of the Dream House Grand Prize and resemble the actual home a winner may receive.

*Paid as an annuity over 30 years or $700,000 lump sum.

**Overall odds of winning one of the 4,249 additional Grand Prize Drawing prizes; the chance of winning will vary based upon the number of tickets sold.

Your Chance to Win is Their Ticket to Thrive.

Make a difference

Tickets are one for $150,
3-packs for $400, and 5-packs for $550.

J. Remacle
won $1.18M in the
2023 Grand Prize Drawing

"I don't even know what to say. This is amazing!"

David L.
won $106,512.50 in the
2023 50/50 Add-On Drawing

"This was certainly an unexpected surprise"

Damon B.
won a Kia Telluride in the
2023 Early Bird Drawing

"I purchased tickets because I like supporting good causes."


Many thanks to those who have participated in our raffles over the years. Your support makes our work possible.

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The More You Play, the Bigger Our Grand Prize Pays!

  • The Grand Prize winner will receive a guaranteed $1.1 million cash prize option*; no ticket sales threshold needs to be met to qualify for this prize.
  • If 40,000 or more main tickets are sold, the Grand Prize options will be Grand Prize Home 1 or $1.1 million cash*. We've consistently sold over 40,000 tickets each year in the last four Dream House Raffles!
  • If 70,000 or more main tickets are sold, the Grand Prize options will be Grand Prize Home 1, Grand Prize Home 2, or $1.1 million cash*.
  • With over 4,250 prizes, including vehicles, vacations, gift cards, and cash, the odds of winning are 1 in 20**.
  • Bonus Drawings like the Appreciation Drawing, Early Bird Drawings, Weekly Add-On Drawings, and the 50/50 Add-On Drawing, increase your opportunities to win.
  • The last day to purchase tickets is Friday, April 19, 2024.

Have 100% Certainty of Supporting a Wonderful Charity

Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver changes lives. From the first day of kindergarten through high school graduation, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver helps kids succeed in school, develop good character and citizenship, and live healthy lives. At 25 neighborhood Clubs and a summer camp in Ward, CO, we provide our members with safe, supportive, fun, and enriching environments that inspire and empower them to achieve their greatest potential.

Thank you for making a lasting difference in the lives of Denver's kids and teens!

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