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Winner Stories

J. Remacle

2023 Dream House Grand Prize Winner - $1,189,432.82 cash

David L.

2023 Dream Adventure 50/50 Prize Winner - $106,512.50 cash

"It's been several years since I first became aware of Boys &Girls Clubs of Metro Denver. I did not know how widespread these Clubs were across the country.

I thought it was a great idea to have such an organization to meet some of the needs of younger kids, especially in inner-city environments.

Why not support organizations with which one feels fulfill a worthy cause?

I started what I'd considered an annual donation to the program. The odds of winning I thought would be pretty slim and so, it was a donation to a worthy cause, that I have continued over several years now.

It was on the 10th of November this year, 2023, that I received the call that I had won one of the raffle prizes, the 50/50 Jackpot. Needless to say, it was certainly an unexpected surprise. I didn't even know when the drawings were going to take place.

The 10th of November was also the Marine Corps Birthday and I am a Marine. What a birthday present this was!

Thank you Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver."

Lisa & Beau

2023 Dream House 50/50 Prize Winners - $459,805 cash

Damon B.

2023 Dream Adventure Early Bird Prize Winner - Kia Telluride

Amanda B.

2023 Dream Adventure Grand Prize Winner - $100,000 cash

"Every year, I try and enter the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver raffle for the chance to win one of their wonderful prizes. I have done this for many years, knowing that regardless if I win or not, my contribution is going to a great charity that has an impact for local boys and girls in the Denver metro area.

My husband knew that I liked to do this so he always tried to nab the flyers before I received them, since the chances of winning is never in your favor. However, in this year's case, my entering paid off with a win! It was funny and exciting disclosing to my husband, 'Umm I just got a text from Boys & Girls Club, I entered a raffle and I think I won something.'

It wasn't until we had our formal call that we were notified that I had won the grand prize. It was definitely a very pleasant shock, one that you never expect to hear and one that we will never forget, that proves you can win!!! And in my case not only did I win, but I also know that I got to contribute to a great charity to support our local region."

Past Winners