Dream House Raffle - Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver
1 in 20 odds

Past Winners - 2012

The following are 2012's prize winners — thanks to all who participated:

Early Bird Drawing 1

1st Prize:
Linda C., Denver, CO - $25,000
2nd Prize:
Debbie L., Fort Collins, CO - $10,000
3rd Prize:
Wade G., Thornton, CO - $5,000

Early Bird Drawing 2

1st Prize:
Mitchell H., Sandy, UT — $15,000
2nd Prize:
Kit C., Wheat Ridge, CO — $10,000
3rd Prize:
Malia M., Fort Collins, CO — $5,000
4th Prize:
Todd H., Erie, CO — $1,000
5th Prize:
Lonie P., Castle Rock, CO — $1,000
6th Prize:
Signe M., Denver, CO — $1,000
7th Prize:
Daniel G., Highlands Ranch, CO — $1,000
8th Prize:
Dana W., Arvada, CO — $1,000

Early Bird Drawing 3

1st Prize:
Richard P., Littleton, CO — $10,000
2nd Prize:
Ed M., Greenley, CO — $5,000
3rd Prize:
Scott A., Centennial, CO — $1,000
4th Prize:
William M., Denver, CO — $1,000
5th Prize:
John V., Denver, CO — $1,000

Multi-Ticket Drawing

1st Prize:
Blynn P., Roxborough, CO — 2012 Porsche Boxster or $30,000
2nd Prize:
Printz R., Arvada, CO — European Vacation or $10,000
3rd Prize:
Deanie U., Castle Rock, CO — Hawaiian Vacation or $5,000

Refer-A-Friend Drawing

Laura B., Golden, CO — $10,000

Grand Prize Drawing


Owen Stone, Sheridan, WY

Prizes 2 - 5:

2nd Prize:
Luz R., Northglenn, CO — $25,000
3rd Prize:
Stephanie K., Denver, CO — $10,000
4th Prize:
Melanie S., Denver, CO — $5,000
5th Prize:
Stephanie S., Highlands Ranch, CO — $2,000

Prizes 6 - 10 — $1,000 Each:

Audrey J., Parker, CO
Richard L., Aurora, CO
Dennis R., Arvada, CO
Robert W., Fort Collins, CO
Bettie W., Aurora, CO

Prizes 11 - 15 — $500 Each:

Samantha B., Castle Rock, CO
Daniel G., Littleton, CO
Denise L., Westminster, CO
Scott S., Aurora, CO
Christal W., Aurora, CO

Prizes 16 - 300 — $150 Each:

Wajdi A., Irvine, CA
Johnna A., Denver, CO
Tara A., Boulder, CO
David A., Denver, CO
Andrew A., Sheridan, WY
Kimberly A., Centennial, CO
Theodric A., Rockville, MD
Timothy A., Brighton, CO
Kyle A., Fort Collins, CO
Jenifer A., Broomfield, CO
Richard B., Centennial, CO
Buddy B., Lakewood, CO
Beth B., Denver, CO
Jeannie B., Brighton, CO
Ross B., Aurora, CO
Joe B., Denver, CO
Royal B., Parker, CO
Michael B., Parker, CO
Eileen B., Aurora, CO
Paul B., Golden, CO
Kimberly B., Colorado Springs, CO
Tracey B., Longmont, CO
Catherine B., Denver, CO
Justin B., Lakewood, CO
Michael B., Littleton, CO
Brittany B., Aurora, CO
Monica B., Brighton, CO
Dave B., Eagle, CO
Anna B., Thornton, CO
Vickie B., Littleton, CO
Paulla B., Littleton, CO
Lois B., Aurora, CO
Wendi B., Boulder, CO
Brian B., Niwot, CO
Gary B., Aurora, CO
Philip B., Arvada, CO
Joann C., Lakewood, CO
Louise C., Wheat Ridge, CO
Dan C., Eastlake, CO
Dale C., Denver, CO
Judith C., Thornton, CO
Perry C., Parker, CO
Ian C., Los Gatos, CA
Howard C., Northglenn, CO
Timothy C., Denver, CO
Leilani C., Aurora, CO
Lora C., Littleton, CO
Katherine C., Centennial, CO
Jill C., Littleton, CO
Corinna C., Fort Collins, CO
Garrett C., East Boston, MA
Joyce C., Lakewood, CO
Howard C., Parker, CO
Travis D., Goodland, KS
Jean Marie D., Boulder, CO
Hillary Cole D., Denver, CO
John D., Westminster, CO
Maria D., Broomfield, CO
David D., Golden, CO
Amy D., Littleton, CO
Barbara D., Denver, CO
Colleen D., Lakewood, CO
Kari D., Parker, CO
John E., Larkspur, CO
Carmalita L E., Overland Park, KS
Cindy E., Lakewood, CO
Renee E., Aurora, CO
Richard E., Denver, CO
Allie F., Greenwood Village, CO
Larry F., Coolidge, KS
Greg F., Littleton, CO
Suzanne F., Lakewood, CO
Patty F., Westminster, CO
Susan F., Littleton, CO
Carey F., Erie, CO
Katherine F., Lakewood, CO
Nancy F., Greenwood Village, CO
Kenneth F., Arvada, CO
Sophia F., Santa Barbara, CA
Denis F., Montrose, CO
Orville G., Northglenn, CO
Joan G., Lone Tree, CO
Erica G., Clayton, NC
Erika G., Lakewood, CO
Leslie G., Westminster, CO
Patrick G., Denver, CO
Don G., Golden, CO
Robert H G., Fort Morgan, CO
Gail G., Englewood, CO
Todd G., Littleton, CO
John H., Wheat Ridge, CO
Fredric H., Crestwood, KY
Suzanne H., Louisville, CO
Susan H., Centennial, CO
Kathryn H., Dillon, CO
Steven H., Lakewood, CO
Garrett H., Highlands Ranch, CO
Keri H., Denver, CO
Cindy H., Denver, CO
Gayle H., Aurora, CO
Grady H., Longmont, CO
Lillian H., Aurora, CO
Zach H., Denver, CO
Kent H., Denver, CO
Rick H., Larkspur, CO
Molly H., Broomfield, CO
Michael H., Thornton, CO
Janine H., Highlands Ranch, CO
Oscar H., Denver, CO
Paula J., Highlands Ranch, CO
Monica J., Denver, CO
Dan J., Centennial, CO
Stephanie J., Denver, CO
Roy J., Denver, CO
Ronald J., Pine, CO
Richard W J., Denver, CO
Thama J., Denver, CO
Lisa K., Evergreen, CO
Linda K., Denver, CO
Eric K., Erie, CO
Michael P K., Westminster, CO
Jeffrey K., Thornton, CO
Lea K., Denver, CO
Natalie L K., Highlands Ranch, CO
Patricia K., Superior, CO
Hae K., Glendale, CO
Wilma K., Pueblo West, CO
David K., Lakewood, CO
David K., Conifer, CO
Linda K., Burlingtom, CO
Debbie K., Lone Tree, CO
Gary K., Littleton, CO
Scott L., Denver, CO
Larry L., Falls Church, VA
Suzanne L., Denver, CO
James L., Lakewood, CO
Rebecca L., Fort Collins, CO
Shaunna L., Lafayette, CO
Mike L., Littleton, CO
Jennifer L., Commerce City, CO
Margaret M., Aurora, CO
Gina M., Westminster, CO
Larry M., Thornton, CO
Evangelos M., Arvada, CO
E-Dee M., Lakewood, CO
Doug M., Denver, CO
Elaine M., Littleton, CO
Vivian M., Brighton, CO
Bruce M., Littleton, CO
William M., Louisville, KY
Mary M., Broomfield, CO
Steven M., Westminster, CO
Robert M., Lone Tree, CO
Vickie M., Bennett, CO
Taira M., Denver, CO
Donald M., Littleton, CO
Trent M., Littleton, CO
Mary Ellen M., Castle Rock, CO
Brandon M., Centennial, CO
Charlotte M., Greeley, CO
Paul M., Windsor, CO
Craig M., Greenwood Village, CO
Helen M., Ft. Lupton, CO
Gloria M., Arvada, CO
Bart M., Aurora, CO
Jerry M., Golden, CO
Myrna M., Aurora, CO
Mary Furru M., Lakewood, CO
William N., Colorado Springs, CO
Jeanelle N., Northglenn, CO
Kimberli N., Denver, CO
Stephen N., Castle Rock, CO
Larry N., Aurora, CO
Tom O., Highlands Ranch, CO
Derek O., San Diego, CA
Bryce O., Arvada, CO
Jeffrey O., Denver, CO
Martha O., Centennial, CO
Diana P., Denver, CO
Rodney P., Centennial, CO
Viana P., Westminster, CO
Larry P., Tupelo, OK
Dale P., Casper, WY
Jay P., Denver, CO
Blair P., Englewood, CO
Dd P., Aurora, CO
Tracy P., Longmont, CO
Linda P., Englewood, CO
Margaret P., Denver, CO
Kathy P., Fort Collins, CO
Mark P., Parker, CO
Carrie P., Lakewood, CO
Susan R., Highlands Ranch, CO
Jessica R., Erie, CO
Eith R., Cotopaxi, CO
Donald R., Denver, CO
Charles R., Commerce City, CO
Albino R., Frederick, CO
Stephen R., Baltimore, MD
Joe R., Boulder, CO
Janet R., Centennial, CO
Kay R., Erie, CO
Duane R., Greenwood Village, CO
Maria R., Rifle, CO
Charles R., Arvada, CO
Gerald R., Aurora, CO
Steve R., Parker, CO
Donald S., Pueblo, CO
Steven S., Cheyenne, WY
Rudy S., Denver, CO
Jane S., Broomfield, CO
Patrick S., Westminster, CO
Michelle S., Colorado Springs, CO
Carol A S., Littleton, CO
Andrew S., Lakewood, CO
Ken S., Lakewood, CO
Lorraine S., Columbus Grv, OH
Lawrence S., Centennial, CO
Jill S., Parker, CO
Alexander S., Commerce City, CO
Keelan S., Jackson, WY
Thomas S., Steamboat Springs, CO
Alan S., Evergreen, CO
David S., Arvada, CO
Diane S., Morrison, CO
Travis S., Lakewood, CO
Anthony S., Fort Collins, CO
Mary S., Thornton, CO
Michelle S., Bennett, CO
Gabriel S., Louisville, CO
Jonathan S., Englewood, CO
Andrea S., Thornton, CO
Dan S., Centennial, CO
Abby S., Golden, CO
Jerry S., Flagler, CO
Kevin S., Thornton, CO
Linda S., Aurora, CO
Shelly S., Lakewood, CO
Richard S., Littleton, CO
Jamie S., Boulder, CO
Gene S., Westminster, CO
Jessica S., Commerce City, CO
Andrew J S., Aurora, CO
Christine S., Lakewood, CO
Daniel S., San Diego, CA
Murray S., Aurora, CO
Jeremy S., Denver, CO
Darren T., Golden, CO
Michelle Lee T., Littleton, CO
Crystal T., Round Rock, TX
Angela T., Denver, CO
Lanita T., Aurora, CO
Scott T., Gillette, WY
Leasa T., Temecula, CA
Gary T., Aurora, CO
Marnee T., Denver, CO
Courtney T., Denver, CO
Jamie T., Thornton, CO
Charlene U., Evergreen, CO
Jason V., Littleton, CO
Ella W., Thornton, CO
Lisa M W., Aurora, CO
Joseph P W., Lakewood, CO
Thomas W., Aurora, CO
Donna W., Denver, CO
Cindy W., Denver, CO
Scott W., Lakewood, CO
Yvonnie W., Aurora, CO
Mark W., Northglenn, CO
Kelsie W., Erie, CO
Kim W., Highlands Ranch, CO
Brad W., Denver, CO
Paul W., Erie, CO
Heather W., Centennial, CO
Billie W., Littleton, CO
Joseph W., Denver, CO
Lori W., Englewood, CO
Vanessa W., Englewood, CO
James W., Westminster, CO
Matthew W., Indianapolis, IN
Pio Z., Morrison, CO
Gordon Z., Boulder, CO
Joy Z., Denver, CO
J H Z., Fort Collins, CO